Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has gained more importance among the younger as well as the elder population in Chennai over the recent years. Chennai is been known for its skill and advancement in cosmetic dentistry and also proved to be the least expensive around the world. People around the world have acknowledged the art and skills of dentistry in chennai and they pay their visits to Chennai to complete their dental treatments.

Dr.arun's 32pearls dental centre (a specialized root canal and cosmetic centre) are the pioneers in the field of cosmetic dentistry in velachery. We are well known for our art and skill in smile makeovers and esthetics. We believe that a good cosmetic dentistry is fulfilled only by providing a natural appearance and comfort to the patient.

We have studied and researched with the recent advances in cosmetic dentistry. We are well trained in designing your smile by providing the best suitable treatment plan for you.

All-ceramic crowns, veneers and laminates, adora crown, porcelain fused to metal crowns, nano composites, zirconia crowns, MLS crowns, monolithic zirconia crowns, teeth whitening, gingival recontouring, teeth alignment and recontouring, diastema closure, depigmentation of gums etc are some of the treatments done in cosmetic dentistry .The above mentioned treatment may not be suitable for every individual having an unesthetic smile. Only a dentist has to decide which of the above restorative material would suit the patient. We decide the best treatment option for you based on a complete study of your facial profile, habbits, diet intake, medical history, smile pattern, gender, skin texture and colour, personality and most important is your chewing pattern (occlusion).

We have displayed some of the cosmetic treatments done in our clinic. We decide the treatment plan based based on the requirement of the patient.

1) Teeth proclination and malilignment was corrected in just 6 days :

2) Similar cases:


The patient had a single tooth which was hypoplastic (weak enamel) and discoloured. She is a movie star who requested an immediate smile correction. We completed her case In 2 appointments without even reducing her tooth size.


This patient had broken teeth which was highly unesthetic and discoloured. She was not able to afford any metal free crowns. We have done a rootcanal treatment, post and core build up and given her PFM crowns, which is less expensive and durable. We provide a 10 years guarantee for the crowns.

This case below is of two siblings who had a similar complaint , their teeth had amelogenesis imperfecta ,which is a defect in enamel formation right from birth. Their teeth were disfigured and weak. We had to strengthen their teeth before treating their cosmetic purpose. And had to complete their case in a apan of 5 appointments for each. The treatment duration was 12 days for each.


We use a safe bleaching kit which is light activated and has the least post op sensitivity. We properly study the patient before treating them for bleaching because the treatment outcome differs from person to person and is based on the stain , colour shade, tooth structure etc. Patients with very thin enamel and large pulp chamber are not appropriate candidates for bleaching. Hence we assess the patient thoroughly before treating them.

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