Laser Dentistry

Dentistry has evolved over a period of time.The olden days painful dentistry is revolutionised by means of recent advances in science.Laser dentistry is one among the tool that reduces strain and anxiety for the patient.

The use of dental lasers aids in a variety of procedures like Teeth bleaching, minor excisional surgeries like biopsies, removal of over growths(polyp),Root canal procedures,tooth lengthening, frenectomies, cavity cutting etc..


1) Dental lasers can be used in minor surgeries to reduce bleeding and post operative discomfort.

2) Anaesthetic injections can be avoided or given in lesser doses.

3) Placing of sutures is not required.

4) Lasers in Root canal treatment can be helpful to eradicate the bacteria present in the inaccessible areas of the root canal.Hence it can increase the success rate of a root canal treatment.

5) Various gum surgeries like gum contouring, gum bleaching (removal of dark gum pigmentation), flap surgeries,curettage etc..can be performed with less bleeding and quick healing.

6) Children feel more comfortable as lasers eliminate noise of drills.


1) Procedures may be a little costlier when compared to the usual.

2) Needs a skilled laser trained dentist to carry out the procedures carefully.

3) Not all dental procedures can be done with lasers and at times the need for conventional methods may also be required along with laser.

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