Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment or an endodontic therapy is known as the removal of the infected pulp of the tooth and disinfecting the pulp chamber and the root canal system, then cleaning and shaping them to fill them up with a root canal filling material ( gutta percha) till the tip of the root.

Root Canal Treatment

Every tooth consists of a pulp chamber and a root canal system which may be present inside the roots. These root canal system consists of the nerves and blood vessels that supply the tooth altogether is known as the pulp. Hence any breakage in the tooth which leads to the exposure of the pulp will cause severe pain and sensitivity.

This can happen due to deep caries, tooth fracture due to trauma and even erosion.

In these cases a root canal treatment has to be undergone to relieve the patient from pain or further infection.


Root Canal Treatment
  1. At first the tooth has to be anaesthetised and made sure the tooth is completely numb before starting the procedure.
  2. Next the decay in the tooth is cleaned and a hole is drilled on the crown of the tooth to approach the pulp of the tooth and the root canal.
  3. Next the endodontist uses some files or small instruments to clean up inside the pulp chamber and the root canal space till the tip of the root. The root canal is disinfected with some disinfectant solutions like sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidene ,saline etc.
  4. After proper disinfection, cleaning and shaping of the canal till the tip of the root ,the canal has to be filled with a root filling material (or) gutta percha coated with a medicated sealant.

A rootcanal treatment cannot be done properly without radiographs. So after the treatment a radiograph of the tooth has to be taken to check whether the filling has reached till the tip of the root.


Root Canal Treatment

There are many reasons for a root canal treatment to fail

  1. When the root is not cleaned and disinfected properly till the tip of the root.
  2. When an additional root canal is present and is not noticed by the dentist.
  3. When the patient delays in fixing his crown after the root canal treatment, there are chances for the tooth to crack and lead to pain.
  4. When the root canal pattern is complicated by curvatures, calcification ,accessory canals etc and when it cannot be handled by the dentist.
  5. Any procedural errors by the dentist like wrong access approach, perforations, ledging, underfilling and overinstrumentation can also lead to a failure
  6. Unknown factors, long standing infection, root resorption etc can sometimes lead to a failure, in these cases the dentist may intimate the patient priorly.
Root Canal Treatment

A root canal specialist is a dentist who specializes in the root canal treatment alone for 3years can however provide a painless and successful treatment.

Earlier a root canal treatment has to be done for more than 3 or 4 appointments and used to be painful and even the success rate was less. But nowadays a rootcanal specialist can complete a root canal treatment in just one appointment without much pain and obviously with a better success rate. This is mainly due to the innovative techniques ,modern rotary equipments and skill of the dentist.

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