I got suggested to this clinic by my in law, they told here the treatment is very good as well as convenient timing as per our wish. All the procedure like molar extraction and root canal treatment was done systematically.


Good experience, friendly behavior.

Rachna Nair

The process took time,but it was very nice, appointment and coming for check up easily. Over all it is good.


Root canal is perfectly done. I did not feel any pain thanks.

Mr. Ramji Pandey

Came for teeth cleaning but I came to know about all the details what has to be done in coming days. Will be visiting again soon.


Excellent service with much comfort when compared to other dental hospitals.

Ram Manohar

Doctors were more dedicated and caring their treatment is 100% perfect and magical.

Karthika Arumugam

I am happy with the extraction process. When it was done, I was so afraid with the swelling and pain but now I am alright and good. Thank you.


The doctor was healthy efficient and knowledgeable. Doctor spent enough time and carefully in inspecting my teeth and I am very happy with the services.


Excellent care, I am really impressed by the way 32 pearls treated me. Thank you so much..


Dentist answered all my queries which was very useful for me.


Very good and every treatment procedure was good especially without pain. Comfort level during treatment with all was extremely good. Got a good smile, more beautiful than what I thought previously.

Ashish Shrivastava

I am extremely satisfied with the Smile Makeover given by Dr Arun. I highly recommend to my others.

Vamsi Krishna A

I did RCT in Bangalore but it was very bad. In 32 Pearls they did the best as compared to Bangalore. Tanks to Dr.Arun and his crew.

Mantun Kumar

Good treatment and felt comfortable with the doctor`s work.


Very professional and fast treatment, not requiring to visit multiple times.


Treatment with great concern.

Josephine Padmini.c

Treatment given here is very good and with good care.


Doctor is very friendly and understand our problem well.


Caring & informative...


Dr.Hemanth really taken care well, having good smiling face with dedicated treatment. Overall a bunch of thanks to all.


Excellent service by everyone.


Its comfortable being treated here.

Mr. Prudhvi

Very good and genuine treatment

Mr Somnath

Meets expectations, very polite doctor.

Piyush Verma

Proper diagnosis and patient treatment..


Gentle and good explanation.


Satisfied service.


Very clean and perfect treatment:-)

Mary Lincy

Cost could be considered (atleast when we work on more than 1 teeth! Promo offers for regular customers can be considered.

Mrs Jane

Thank you for being so nice.. good treatment.

Ms Anju Jacob

Very good treatment, thank you..

Master Maignanasivam

Thank you so much for wonderful care and treatment. Very much satisfied with service..Wonderful place for dental care treatment. Keep up the good work.. Good doctors and good nurses.

Master Satwik

Pleasant service with most care.

Mr Palani

Excellent service

Mrs Mousumi Ray

Thank you for the needful treatment

Mr Raghu

Satisfied with the treatment.

Mr Jagadish

Satisfied with the treatment and treatment done without any pain.

Mr Vajravel

Very good treatment and would recommend others as well.

Mr Venkatraman

Very good treatment.. thank you


Well done, made a big difference compared to my previous dentist. Excellent!!!!

S. Vijayraghvan

Very friendly and very comfortable from day 1 ,till treatment completion, very hygienic.

Joseph Solomon

Dear Dr. Arun and Staff, I came to your clinic with much uncertainty about the future of my front teeth and smile. You all welcomed me like family, were extremely kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. Dr. Arun you used your great talent and gave me perfect new teeth! I can`t thank you enough for all you`ve done.You are a true perfectionist. I finally love my smile again!

Archana Ojha

Thank you Dr.Arun and team for giving me my beautiful smile. Awesome job!!!!!

Rahul Sharma

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